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Writing for the web is different. It takes daring and discipline to propel users to the next click without losing them on the last. It takes an unusual blend of energy and ease to make content essential, fresh and above all, useful.

When a major engineering and technology firm embarked on a full-scale re-branding program, our copy carried the new positioning theme through an entire website covering the company’s history, services, specialties, locations, expert articles, case histories, careers and several interactive features. Read an excerpt here.

Excerpt from the careers section of a corporate website:

We’re a national firm with an impeccable history and integrated services in consulting, engineering, technology and construction. Not only can you see your work come to life in landmark projects around the world, you can share first-hand the success we help create for our clients.

If you've explored our site, downloaded our brochure, or know somebody who works here, you may already be excited about the possibility of joining our team. Or, just consider the statement above. It presents the best case for making a career move with us.

You'll work with some of the most talented individuals in the business, for some of the highest-profile clients, producing some of the most technically sophisticated buildings in the world. The work is inspiring, demanding and highly collaborative. You will learn from others, and they will expect to learn from you. You will share in the responsibility, rewards and recognition of producing truly innovative solutions and complete client satisfaction. The pace is fast and the camaraderie is close.

If you're looking for a place where you can put your mind, skills and initiative to work achieving your personal and professional goals, you'll want to join us. And we'll be ready to welcome you.

Direct e-mail

To inform, entertain and never impose — direct e-mail is a new challenge to use well.

Excerpt from a direct e-mail announcing a company’s anniversary and linking to a Flash animated feature:

Great things can happen when people—with talent, imagination and drive—put their minds together. So it was in 1928 with our founders, whose partnership traced the advent and innovation of modern building technologies. Seventy-five years later, their vision and precision are still at work as we deliver more of the world’s most intelligent solutions. Take a closer look at the start of a brilliant future, one we are honored and grateful to share with you.

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