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You’ll sell it better when you say it better.


Take a fresh look at who you are, what you do and why it matters to the customers you want.

Excerpt from a capabilities brochure:

The hallmarks of our organization are singular intelligence and collective experience. Together, they deliver to clients a compelling advantage. We understand what drives your business. Moreover, we take a partner's interest in your success.

Delivering that outcome begins with the best of our engineering skills. To that, we add the knowledge of economic and market dynamics. Informed by experience across industries and institutions, we bring creativity to conventional problem-solving. Not least, clients trust us for our technical depth, fluency and foresight.

In sum, we know what works. In practice, we clarify complex technical issues into practical answers, on your terms and in your language, so you can act quickly and confidently.

Direct Response

Quick, not easy. Short, not less. Direct response writing should do everything at once.

From a direct mail piece on a residential property listing:

True to its pedigree, pretension has no place on the subtle facade of this address. Both surprising and sophisticated, the interior befits a legendary lifestyle. A black-bottomed indoor swimming pool roams the entire length of the lower floor. You will entertain here often and as only you can. Upstairs, the living quarters stretch in every direction to walls of windows framing the sky and sea. Imagine your life story unfolding here.

White Papers

Build a case with reasoning, support it with research and put your point of view in intelligent company.

Excerpt from a report on the future of e-commerce:

It is important not to fool oneself with the facts. Internet usage will inevitably grow, and far faster than any technological innovation the world has ever known. Web retailing will consolidate, strengthen, improve and expand.

Even with its shortcomings, e-tailing cannot be sold short. Online shoppers say they are more satisfied shopping on the Web than anywhere else, despite the problems they may encounter. Seventy-three percent of online buyers rate the Internet highest in overall satisfaction compared to brick and mortar stores and catalogs.

There lies today's opportunity. The e-tailing phenomenon has little to do with the marvels of new technology, but with perfecting the timeless fundamentals of customer service. The advent of Internet competition has opened a rich venue for exploring new concepts in customer service, ranging from Web-stored gift registries, to cross-channel shopping and delivery services, to electronic inventory displays, and finally, to dramatic changes in shopping center design, leasing and merchant mix.

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