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Say what you wish you’d said.


Few speakers know how they really sound, or how good they could. Memorable speeches are written for the ear — easily said and easily heard — with a message that is easily understood, recalled and repeated.

Excerpt from remarks to a real estate industry audience:

I used to think we were in the information business. But today, more information is available to us instantly than we can possibly process. Information itself is abundant. And most of the time it is abundantly useless. Understanding and interpreting information is what is valuable. So nowadays I like to think we are in the understanding business.

From remarks to an automotive industry audience:

China sees itself not just as a low-cost auto manufacturer and a massive consumer market, but as a potential industry giant, a global player and an exporter to be reckoned with. Can anyone say who views the other with more eagerness? On the one hand, some of us see a market of 1.3 billion drivers. Looking out, they see 5 billion customers worldwide. In the convergence of these views, a new era in globalization will occur. This new era will be far more fluid and transformative than anything yet seen.

It will be challenging to arrive at that point. But we will. The obstacles cannot be overstated. In fact, many of them cannot even be stated because they will only emerge along the way. But there are many apparent to us at the outset, and let’s face them first.

Speech Coaching

The natural authority conveyed by great speakers comes from loving the words they are about to say — and recognizing them as their own. Our personal speech coaching helps you sound, act and feel more like yourself, but better. When it’s time to speak, you’ll feel more confident, exhilarated and accomplished.

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